Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and proceeds to kill once more.



Written and directed by Adam Green and starring Kane Hodder, Parry Shen and Felissa Rose - we are taken back into the world of Victor Crowley for a fourth time, with the other three movies simply called Hatchet, Hatchet 2 and Hatchet 3.

Set ten years after the original movie, Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and Andrew (Parry Shen) has made a career out of selling his story of how he survived the murderous Crowley all those years back.

This time Andrew is seduced by a huge pay-check to go back into the jungle by his agent Kathleen (Felissa Rose).  Along the way he is joined by his ex-wife (and chat show host) Sabrina (Krystal Joy Brown) and her crew.

Unfortunately for the group, the plane that they are flying in encounters a problem and crash lands into the swampy marshes that plays home to Victor Crowley.

As it goes, the movie plays out in pretty much the same way as the previous three.  Crowley goes on a murderous rampage using all manner of techniques to slaughter his prey,  From stomping on heads to shoving a mobile phone through the insides of the female anatomy and out through her mouth - all of which is good and bloody fun!

The story in the main has its usual dark comedy moments with a lot of cheesy laughs and inuendos but at times these can become a little too much to take.  Especially in one scene when the group of characters have entered the plane and the captain speaks over the radio.  Here he drones on and on but for me, its a little too long.

Adam Green has crafted what I would say is a unique franchise in that although all four of the `Hatchet` movies are pretty much identical to each other - they still maintain a high degree of calibre. 

So OK, a movie that relies soley on a lot of blood and at times, silly, special effects (blood spurts, limbs being ripped off etc), Green has somehow grown a huge fan base based on a simple idea and lets not forget a memorable killer played by the excellent Kane Hodder.

Victor Crowley may not be original by any sense of the word but the movie works well.  As mentioned above, there are some issues with a little too much `forced` humour but that aside, this is a movie that stands well alongside it`s predecessors.

This is a movie I would gladly recommend to anyone who wants lots of gore and nothing much to think about. 

The running time is just over one-half hour but its seems to go much faster than that due to the non-relenting mayhem throughout.

Give it a watch!