Caught (2017)

Sci-fi or horror or sci-fi/horror?  Which is it?

Well it's kind of hard to distinguish as Caught seems to struggle at times to know exactly what genre it should be in.

The premise follows a straightforwards pattern that we see far too often in home-invasion movies in that two strangers arrive at the door of married journalists Julie and Andrew Costello who in this case live in West Sussex, South of England and start acting all weird like!

Julie and Andrew at first think that the strangers are just religious proselytizers but we soon learn that the mysterious couple have come to question Julie and Andrew about some photos they have taken of some military base that has landed up near their own backyard (so-to-speak).

But what makes these strangers seem more weirder than the normal person is that they speak in broken english in a robotic kind of way, even though they have english sounding voices and are not of foreign accent.  They also struggle at first with simple things like sipping a cup of tea as it's `hot` - like I said, simple things. 

And then the male stranger, known as Mr Blair seems to have an hold over his female partner as she only seems to respond to being told WHAT to do and when to do it.  Oh, this is Mrs Blair by-the-way.

Fair dues though to actors Cian Barry and April Pearson who play the roles as Mr and Mrs Blair.  They do make for a menacing pair who maintain their strange persona's throughout the movie.  April Pearson does go off the rails at times which does make for a change in her role but otherwise their acting is superb it has to be said.

But there are flaws with this movie.

For one its just too long for what it is.  I mean, an hour and a half of dialogue with very little in terms of real excitement or getting to know what the hell is really going on - unless I missed something on first viewing!

All we get is Mr Blair threatening Julie and Andrew saying he will tear off their heads if they do not give him `caught` - a reference to a photo or photos they have taken.  His monotone voice is cool though as it is threatening!

I guess the main horror elements of this movie are more in tone with the constant questioning from Mr Blair and his interest in Julie and Andrews son, Toby who is at school.  And yet when Toby arrives home late on in the movie very little comes of it and why the strangers are so interested in him?

One thing is obvious from the start of the movie - and this is a spoiler - is that we just know that the strangers, Mr and Mrs Blair are not human.  They ooze elements of aliens and/or monsters that have arrived at Julie and Andrews home to keep them quiet and cover-up a story they could be about to write.  Something we hear a lot when it comes to the men-in-black and alien conspiracies!

But the movie never really explains just what Mr and Mrs Blair are. 

Should that really an issue? 

Well, for me, in this movie - yes it is. We never get to find out exactly what is in the photo(s) or why the strangers are trying to cover it up or what they are!

Yes there is lots of intrigue and suspense and again I applaud Cian Barry and April Pearson for this.  Mickey Sumner and Ruben Crow who play Julie and Andrew respectively also put in some great performances so it's not as if this movie has a poor cast and the acting lets it down - it just feels like the movie went on for too long without ever knowing what it was or how it was going to end.  It felt like a cop out to me.

I do like the fact that writers Dave Allsop and Alex Francis have tried something a little different but for me the script could have been much tighter and some of the long-drawn out dialogue could have been shortened. 

I'm not the kind of person who need's everything clearly explained to me when it comes to movies as I do like to use my own imagination on what is or has just gone on but unfortunately Caught just needed that little bit more to give closure on a few issues.

All that said, it still is worth a watch if you like home-invasion movies or something different that involves a sci-fi aspect.


Caught (2017)

Synopsis (IMDB) : The film tells the story of a journalist couple who invite a man and woman into their idyllic village home, but what begins with an informal interview descends into a nightmarish fight for survival.

Directed by : Jamie Patterson

Written by : Dave Allsop, Alex Francis

Cast :  Cian Barry, Ruben Crow, Aaron Davis, Dave Mounfield, April Pearson, Mickey Sumner

My Rating :

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