Redwood (2017)

I seem to be repeating myself of late when it comes to horror movies this year.  And again, I'll say it again - 2017 is turning out to be the year of horror!

Redwood is another example of how a horror movie should be.

It has pretty much everything I want from this genre (and this is my own personal take by the way) - in that there is no nudity and sexualization of any kind (which has seemed to become the norm over the years), no stupid or glaringly obvious bangs and things that move in the dark to create a quick and simple jump scare and lord-be-praised it's not about a group of high-school college kids that get together one summer smoking weed, having sex and being complete morons!

Instead what we have here is a pretty solid piece of work that brings something slightly fresh to the vampire genre.

So the premise is this : Josh and Beth (boyfriend and girlfriend) have travelled to some remote national park in order to piece together the issues that surround Josh and which way forwards they can go in life.  Josh has recently been diagnosed with leukemia and wants to get away and focus on the future, hopefully one with Beth.

Unfortunately for them, they stumble into something dangerous and seemingly watching their every move.

Whilst Beth is worried for Josh and their future together, Josh is cracking the odd joke here and there - but there are times when he kinda puts pressure on Beth to keep on going forwards into the woodlands, despite strange things starting to happen to the couple during the nights when they make camp.

Whereas Beth wants to return to the car they have left behind, Josh insists he needs to keep going as it could be his last chance to do something different.  Obviously Beth goes ahead with Josh, despite her having serious reservations about what is following them.

I wont get too involved into the middle-to-end of this movie as it would only spoil what is to come.

But writer/director Tom Paton seems to know his stuff when it comes to suspense and gives us plenty of shocks along the way. 

Now if you have watched a movie called The Descent - then you wouldn't be far from imagining what the creatures in Redwood look like.  Tom certainly has a great vision into how he wants his monsters/creatures to look like!

Plus we have the added extra of the woodland and the immense scope of it all.  This alone brings a mysterious and creepy vibe to the movie as the characters find themselves getting deeper and deeper into the unknown.

As for Josh and Beth, whilst they may be a couple in love, we don't see too much romance between the two.  Instead we see Beth break down emotionally due to Josh's demands and trying to use his illness as some form of blackmail to get Beth to do what he wants.   But then we see Josh trying to make light of his illness in his own unique way.  It's at times a strange relationship from an outsiders point of view.

But I'm not saying this is a bad thing!  It would be simple and easier for Tom to have written long, drawn out romance scenes between the two - but in this movie I honestly don't think it would have worked.

Redwood does have some long and at times drawn out scenes that some may not like but I personally feel it brings a little bit more depth to Josh and Beth's characters. 

We also have Nicholas Brendon (he of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) star as national park ranger Vincent, who at first seems a little creepy and it seems he is hiding something - but what!

The finale of the movie will leave you shocked.  It's jaw-dropping and to be fair, unexpected.  But as I said to Tom on social media, at least he didn't conform to the normality of recent horror movies and instead he had the balls to make the ending a bit more raw and edgy!

Overall, Tom Paton has given us a brilliant indy horror movie that will sit nicely along the plethora of vampire movies that have come before.   His unique vision and story telling is evident in Redwood and I for one cannot wait for his next movie, Black Site, to be released.


Redwood (2017)

Synopsis (IMDB) : After some bad news back at home, musician Josh and his girlfriend Beth head out to a secluded national park in search of some clarity on the situation they’ll face when they return. But the couple get more than they bargained for when they come face to face with The Redwood’s legendary wildlife.

Directed by : Tom Paton

Written by : Tom Paton

Cast :  Mike Beckingham, Nicholas Brendon, Luke D'Silva, Muzz Khan, Tatjana Nardone, Jessica-Jane Stafford

My Rating :

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