We Go On (2016)

Before we begin with this review, why not check out my recent interview with lead actor, Clark Freeman!

Written and directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton, We Go On is a thought provoking movie about wanting definitive proof of life after death - be it as ghosts, demons or indeed angels.

Miles Grissom (played by Clark Freeman) has placed an ad in his local newspaper offering a staggering $30,000 dollars to anyone that can provide concrete proof of the existance of life after death and after he narrows down three possible candidates from the nut-jobs and charlatan's - he soon get's the answers he has long been looking for.

Unfortunately for Miles, all three candidates prove to either be fakes or con artists but the second candidate is a medium called Josephina who claims to see ghosts.  Unfortunately for Miles, his overpowering mum (played by Annette O' Toole) tries to claim that Josephina is also a fake.

As Miles starts to think that life after death simply doesn't exists or there simply is no proof, he receives a phone call from a man called Nelson and his search for answers suddenly takes a turn.

We Go On is an original take on the ghost story kind of genre with a tight script that keep's the viewer watching from start to finish.  Clark Freeman, who also starred in another movie by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton - Yellowbrickroad - plays lead role extremely well and he puts so much effort into playing Miles you actually feel sorry for the guy and just want him to find some comfort in knowing what lies `out there` after we die.

After all, Miles had a traumatic experience as a child and hasn't lived his life to the full due to his anxieties and fear of the world around him.

The movie doesn't rely on gore, shock tactics or any loud 'in your face' bangs or  other noises that always seem to accompany horror movies nowadays.  Instead its a slow-paced gem of a movie that keeps you guessing as well as heart-warming towards the end.

There is some humour in this movie but not in a slap-stick way.  Instead it's more of a scared, nervous kind of humour that Miles portrays during his meetings with the various characters throughout the movie.  And let's be honest - we have all been scared of something at some point in our lives so we have probably laughed or sniggered just to try and convinces ourselves we are safe!

And then there is the odd moment of creepyness that catches you out.  I won't say too much about when or how as I don't want to spoil the movie for you but let's just say you won't be disappointed by Nelson's appearance!

So, to sum up, there is enough going on in this movie to keep even the most ardent horror fan entertained for its hour and a half running time.

Whilst We Go On may not be a new movie now, 2016 when it came out, it still resonates well in todays society and it also stands out from the crowd of recent horror movies that have all fallen into the same old formula of cheap scares and thrills.

If you want something more thought provoking and different from all the rest, then give We Go On a try.  You won't be disappointed.


We Go On (2016)

Synopsis (IMDB) : Paralyzed by his fear of dying, Miles Grissom takes out an advert offering $30,000 dollars in reward money to the first person who can show him evidence of an angel, a demon, or prove that ghosts exist - anything to prove to him that we go on after our deaths.

Directed by : Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton

Written by : Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton

Cast :  Annette 'O Toole, Clark Freeman, John Glover, Giovanna Zacarías, Laura Heisler, Jay Dunn, Cassidy Freeman, Justin Carpenter

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