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Horror Movie's

Those that know me well - and this may also be clearly obvious to those that have visited my site - will know that I love horror movies.  I live for them and my goal is to find (or watch) that one horror movie that seriously scares the crap out of me in a way which horror used to do when I was a kid back in the early 80's.

Horror movies of today just don't seem to have that same kind of impact when it comes to scaring me.  Perhaps as I've got much older and wiser I've become a little sensitized to the things I see on the big screen and I realise that everything I'm watching is all done with CGI and prosthetics which does take the realism out of a lot of movies.

But I'm still on a mission to find the one movie that genuinely will scare the pants off me.

However, below is my own top ten list of horror movies that I rate highly amongst the hundreds I've sat through over the years.  Some may not be scary but more psychological whilst others may be dark-comedy or even with a hint of sci-fi.

Anyway, check then out and comment below with your top ten!

1) The Witch : A New-England Folktale (2015)

A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession.

What I like about The Witch is the way in which everything seem's to come together to make what I would call a masterpiece in movie terms. 

Whilst haunting but not overly scary, it does put you in an uncomfortable place with questions that still need answering long after you have finished watching it.  The acting is superb but its the use of the old English language that really elevates this movie high above it's predecessors as it really does make this movie more believable and in keeping with the period in which the movie is set - around 1630 if I'm correct in thinking.

This is a rare movie in which I have to give full marks to.

My rating:  

2) An American Werewolf in London (1981)

As a kid aged 10 back in 1981 I have to say that this movie seriously scared the crap out of me!  It didn't really help in the fact that I lived (and still do) in the countryside surrounded by moorland so the movie felt all the more real.  I still remember sneakily watching parts of this movie whilst my parents where watching it and being told off as it wasn't for children.  So I ended up disappearing to my bedroom - but its the some of the scenes (such as the attack on the moors) that stuck with me and made for an uncomfortable nights sleep!

I've grown up with An American Werewolf in London since and I love it.  And on a plus side I was lucky enough to meet David Naughton in 2016 at HorrorConUK where we spoke about the movie and how it frigthened me all those years ago.

My Rating:

3) Friday the 13th (1980)

The first movie my parent's hired on their new V/H/S player back in 1980 and I still remember it fondly!

One of the mainstays of 1980's slasher horror movies and who can ever forget THAT scene with Kevin Bacon and the arrow through neck!  Now I know this movie may not have aged that well over the years and to some it's pretty tame in terms of gore but I thoroughly love this movie.  It can be brutal (and I'm not talking about some of the dodgy acting here..!) and the ending is still a great reveal!

My rating:

4) Candyman (1992)

There are not that many horror movies that have brought us iconic `serial killers` such as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger in recent years - so it was great way back in 1992, when Candyman was flung onto our screens!

I just love how this movie (maybe not the two sequels that came shortly after) brought us a horrific mythology of love, torture and ultimately revenge from the grave as Tony Todd puts in a tremendous and at times frightening performance of Candyman.  And is there a better opening sequence to a movie than Candyman?  The aerial view of Chicago with the loud overture playing sets up the tone of what's to come so perfectly.

It also includes great eerie music, fantastic filming locations and a strong script - as well as a fabulous cast.

Dare you say Candyman five times whilst stood in a mirror?

My Rating:

5) Omen III : The Final Conflict (1981)

The final installment of the Omen series (well, it was until the pityful Omen IV: The Awakening was released in 1991 to which I still won't accept is an Omen movie!!) and we see a grown up Damien Thorn who now has the role as the  United States ambassador to Britain and with it - more power.

Whilst the it may lack in the `shock` department (unlike Damien : Omen II) it just feels like a much more polished movie overall.  The storyline is tighter and Sam Neill is just perfect as the anti-christ.

I personally feel that The Final Conflict is perhaps the only movie that as a `third installment` is just as good as its predecessors.  There are not that many movies with sequels that work as well as this franchise.

I guess it also helps that I'm a sucker for movies that have a religious feel to them (whilst not being a religious person it has to be said).

My rating:

Other notable entries that I dearly love include movies such as Sleepaway Camp, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Suspiria, Demons, Rec., Hatchet, Here Comes the Devil, The Fog, Salem's Lot, Psycho, The Shining,
It Follows, The Blair Witch Project, The Babadook, The Thing, Yellowbrickroad, Madison County - oh the list is endless!

But the five I've picked out mean something to me.  Perhaps it's because many of them take me back to my childhood and the beginnings of my interest in all things horror.

I know this list will not be for everyone - that's cool!  We all have different tastes and that's what I like about the movie community - we all like different things!  So let's debate and pass on what movie's we love with each other.

What are your top five horror movies? 

Let me know!