The Dead Center (2019)


A hospital psychiatrist’s own sanity is pushed to the edge when a frightened amnesiac patient insists that he has died and brought something terrible back from the other side.

Quick thoughts (not a review!)

I’d seen a lot of positive reviews for this movie leading up to watching it and I can kinda see why.  Its a slow burner but does just enough to keep you entertained.

Whilst it may lack in jump scares it does have a lot of depth to the storyline.  Without wanting to give any spoilers away, you really do need to keep your eyes on the movie and put your phone to one-side until its finished!  No distractions or you may miss the important details as to who the John Doe really is, why he is in the hospital and why was he put into a body bag at the beginning of the movie!

The final 20 minutes or so truly do bring this movie to life as the secret of the John Doe is finally revealed in all its bloody detail.

Would I recommend?  Yes!

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